Conferences / Gala Dinners / Award Presentations

Maybe you don't want just want a good event that will run smoothly. We have many happy customers who use these services.

Staging / Projection / PA Systems / Live Video Screens

Get in touch to tell us about your event and get a quote.


Shows / Concerts

So your on track to pull off a great show but all you’re going to be left with are memories. Why not invite us down to talk you through our packages and what we have to offer. 

We can make your small scale show look like it was being put on for a large TV audience. 

With a Multiple Camera set up, we can capture your show from every angle. 

The video is recorded on every camera and then we put it all together in our edit studio later to ensure that every cut is perfect. Filming and editing this way means we can increase the production value 10 fold.

Professional, Affordable, high definition video